The boutonniere is the eye of the jacket, and it can reveal the soul of a garment. Take the label out of a jacket, and the boutonniere is the clue to it’s origins. When not used for the requisite flower on a wedding day or a pin for some proclaimed pride, the boutonniere in it’s naked form is there on the lapel to be seen, and hopefully to be admired.  99% of the world couldn’t care less about what someone is wearing, let alone a boutonniere. However it is quite reassuring for that 1%. When you look in the mirror, it’s so pleasing, it stands out, it accentuates, it has life. Clothing needs to fit in order to be elegant. However, the details take it to another level. A level that is waning. Touch your boutonniere at least once a day. Let it know that you care.

Boutonniere’s on bespoke garments are very distinct, and often quite unique. Some ready to wear garments also offer some sublime examples. Believe it or not, there are even some chop shop made to measure tailoring firms, that sub their work out to Chinese factories, that produce passable bouttonniere’s. Some of the boutonniere’s I have seen could pass for Milanese or Neapolitan, as well as the rest of the buttonholes on the garment. However in the end, nothing beats the real thing.

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