Having something made on Savile Row is always special. The obvious reason is it’s unique to the bespeaking, it is his, and no one else’s in the world.

And to this notion, one takes the bespoke world to another level to meet their daily needs. The one off’s, which are truly special, are examples of bench tailoring that most customers will not consider until they have built a wardrobe of gentleman’s staples.

This is a lovely example of a one off from Savile Row patriarch Henry Poole.  A hacking style jacket in a plush Scottish cashmere. This gentleman realized most of his shooting would  not be in the brush, so there would be no need for cheviot, he would choose cashmere. This would be more suitable when retiring into a well worn leather club chair by the fire with one’s favorite single malt contemplating the day.

The detailing and execution is sublime on this jacket.  The lapels really moves on this jacket as they should. Too thick a canvas would defeat the purpose of what the jacket is meant to do which is precisely that move.


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