When it comes to bespoke, Cifonelli has the cool factor. Some of their jackets are very forward, sometimes almost rakish, but combined with the impeccable sewing, it’s what does make them cool. The Parisian flavor defines Cifonelli, and even with their Roman roots and some Anglo elements, Cifonelli is Cifonelli. Pure bench tailoring with a rich heritage and a modern quality.

But Cifonelli in its most sober form is truly romantic, quite elegant and without question very sexy. This single breasted peak lapel jacket shows Cifonelli at their best. The Milanese pearled boutonniere and delicate buttonholes would be a dead ringer for Caraceni, but make no mistake this is true Cifonelli, one the last true romantics.

A beautifully sloped shoulder that is slightly forward with a roping that is defined and evident even when lying flat on a table. The rope overlaps the seam, slightly encroaching the jacket. The light gray super 180’s exemplifies Cifonelli’s intentions. Light weight, delicate needle work, very easy on the eyes and the body. A lighter weight canvas gives these exquisite lapels life, and movement that subtly engage the wearers slight movements.

This Double breasted Cifonelli, is very elegant and as dressy as it gets. It has a bit more, shall I say kick, than the single breast I present, not to say that some SB peaks are not more forward.  The fabric contributes to this. A hard mid-weight worsted with brilliant subtle sheen, black with a gray dot nailhead. The slightly weightier, slightly stiffer fabric accentuates the cut. This jacket is all about the cut, so with minimal drape the tailoring must be precise, there is no margin for error. This is old world for today.


Symmetric button placement (not crazy about the graduated angled placement on the six on one’s) makes this balanced and very pleasing the eye.
Slightly narrower lapels with just the right amount of curve makes this jacket, elegant, sexy, without being costume.



Lining in rounded panels set in by hand has become a Cifonelli trademark that even some misguided ready to wear makers have adopted as their own.


Double Breast with contrasting striped sleeve lining.


The breast pocket is not really in the barchetta manner, but in lays nicely, not fighting ones anatomy and always ready for a pocket square.


Surgeon cuffs. Two, or three functioning, the balance hand sewn faux, or all the way up. You choose.



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