Every man needs at least one suit, yes just one, although based on todays standards even that is debatable. So yes, the one suit would be the requisite solid dark navy, or charcoal, for the wedding invite or the inevitable funeral. But even then, the two piece suit sometimes doesn’t show up, and that’s not lack of style, thats just bad manners.

Once a gentleman realizes the necessity for owning at least one suit for life’s obligations, the consideration for real need thereafter would be the gray flannel suit. Everyman should own at least one gray flannel suit before they exit. Everyman. It should be on one’s bucket list.

It truly is the quintessential suit. Gray flannel has a mystique, an elegance that has been canonized in cinema, immortalized by a legendary mens fragrance, and worn quite famously by a Fiat chairman, and perhaps best donned by a prodigious dancer named Frederick. But the gray flannel suit is larger than any depiction, venerations or boring commentary like this.

The gray flannel suit in the proper shade, preferably lighter, is something thats looks great on anyone, regardless of age, complexion, even degree of fitness. There’s something casual and relaxed about gray flannel, but, it dresses up very proper and elegantly, only to be left home on the most formal of occasions.

The minimum weight should be 14oz. Flannel needs to be breath, so the tailoring needs to be soft, a sensual mild drape. Shoulder padding, or too heavy a canvas defeats the purpose of flannel. The flannel itself as well as one’s body will the do the work without over constructing.

This particular Anderson & Sheppard suit is a lovely example. A single breasted two button with side vents. The two button is more pure and classic, more balanced for flannel. All the Anderson & Sheppard trademarks accompany this suit. Zero padding at the shoulder, a very soft canvas, darts very closer to the side seams. These tailoring elements pay tribute and truly celebrate the beauty of gray flannel.



Clean front chest, darts shifted towards the side seams.


Soft shoulder with no padding, no roping. Purely natural, shoulder line and movement give definition.


A majestic boutonniere.


IMG_1120 IMG_1119 IMG_1115


The living breathing garment.


Hand sewn shoulder seam.


Hand sewn collar, wool gauze flannel faced and hand padded under the collar.



Sleeve cuffs with four functioning buttonholes, faced with contrasting wool gauze flannel..


Suit trousers with single rear welted pocket and mother of pearl button.

IMG_1044 IMG_1038


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