Summer has arrived and this jacket would be a perfect choice for an evening out with one’s stunning date. A jacket circa 1980 that could only be described as very elegant, chic and glamorous as the late 70’s to early 80’s were.

This jacket is the work of Silvano Capiluppi from the small town of Suzzara in the Lombardy region.

A superb example of a less known sartoria. The jacket is completely hand made. All vital seams are hand sewn. A single button, peak lapel with jetted pockets and no vents. With the slightly narrower peak lapels there is a charm to their shaping. The slight curvature ascending upward, gently curving inward before climbing to the peak. I think of the 1930’s Rubinacci cream double breast that has a similar treatment to the peak.

The shoulder has padding, but is not structured, and the roped shoulder is soft, eased in by hand, there is movement. The armhole is high and there is slight contour to the waist.


Elegant curved peak


Hand sewn collar.


Substantial barchetta breast pocket.


Discreet unassuming label.



Charming slightly off single hand sewn button hole in silk.


Two larger mother of pearl buttons on the sleeve cuff with hand twisted sham holes. Pick stitching is not just aesthetic, the picks run the whole length of the sleeve to close the seam, and run to the corner edge of the cuff.


One piece jacquard silk lining set in by hand.


Flat felt shoulder seam closed by hand. Sleeve set in by hand.


Jetted pockets with semi circular picked edges and twisted bar tacks.





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