The Anderson & Sheppard Relationship: Three Decades of Enduring Style


If a person has true style, it will last a lifetime. The whims of a fashion dictator can’t deter a gentleman committed to style. Why should proportions and details change so much? Stylish gentlemen never concern themselves with the severe trappings of what’s “in” at any particular moment in time. Rare is the man that never looks dated. Look at images of the stylish from decade to decade and they look great, they have style. You can’t peg the decade on some gentlemen. They always look amazing, regardless of what is fashionable. They could not be pigeonholed to the look of the time. Essentially, to be stylish is to never be dated.

Case in point are these three lovely Anderson & Sheppard sport coats. They were bespoken by an elegant gentleman, all three are Scottish shetland, and they span three decades (from 1975 to 1991). And with the exception of a few minor details, in the finish, they are indistinguishable of the date they were made. This is the foundation of style, great tailoring houses don’t really change from decade to decade.

This particular New England gentleman had a special relationship with Anderson & Sheppard that lasted almost 40 years. The jackets were always two button, shifted darts towards the side seams, an A&S house detail, and always side vented. His trousers were flat front from the early 1970’s to 2000. He never veered and remained stylish and elegant throughout his life.

To complement his Anderson & Sheppard wardrobe, there was the occasional fitted Ballantyne cashmere v-neck, or a J Press “SHAGGY DOG” crew-neck. And there were even a few contemporary Italian pieces that would make their way into his closet. Always carefully edited, he had everything in his wardrobe down to a science. However, it was natural, just part his life. It didn’t consume him, he was a gentleman with enduring style.






Requisite surgeon cuffs


Under collar, slight variations on wind flap tab

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