Poole is Cool

If I ever go bespoke with Henry Poole, I’m taking this suit with me to 15 Savile Row.  I’m sure Mr. Angus Cundey will appreciate the visual as well. This is one of the most perfect examples of Savile Row tailoring, or tailoring from anywhere for that matter, one will ever see and is a testament to the greatness of Henry Poole.

Executed in 1959, this is a rare Henry Poole bespoke sack suit.  It is a sack suit, though it is not dowdy nor is it shapeless in the least, and is indeed Savile Row. Yes, Savile Row, but it is soft, clean and modern. Putting on the jacket is like putting on feathers, as there are no shoulder pads, high armholes, and a fluid bodice. There is delicate needle work, making this suit a masterpiece.

Founded in 1806, Henry Poole is the oldest, most storied tailoring firm on the Row. Poole has been the choice of Kings, Czars, Dickens, Churchill, and many other stylish luminaries.

My perspective of Poole is personal. Although I don’t have examples from the early 1800’s, my collection of Henry Poole garments spans 60 years.  The remarkable thing about the collection is that Henry Poole has remained Henry Poole.  Perhaps some of the interior guts vary, the finish has remained constant. Excellent sewing for a large tailoring house.

Quality to match heritage, what has become an anachronism in today’s world.  Long live Henry Poole.

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